every time i've sat down to write this, it either comes out like my vows or something i've already said to you a million times before. but you deserve to hear everything i've said and all the things i haven't yet every day, over and over until you believe each syllable of it. you are such a beautifully sensitive, caring, talented person and there's no one i would rather spend my life next to.

you changed my life for the better. from our first date on that cold new york rooftop when i felt like i could breathe again, to making you cry happy tears for the first time in our new house, to waking up to that sleepy face every morning and everything in between. i am so grateful for you and i love you more than a little notecard or a gift could ever express.

this is just the first of many anniversaries we'll get to celebrate together, and i can't wait to spend every one of them letting you know how much you mean to me and how happy you make me. luck may have lost its meaning with how much of it we have, but it's the perfect word for how i feel when i look at you across the room in this house we're still putting together or when i get to hold you in my arms in the morning before we start our days.

and this is only the beginning. we have so much life ahead of us to experience together, and i know every year will be better than the last. happy first anniversary, baby, i love you.
xoxo your pappy